Always on the cutting edge of technology, Sherbrooke Gear Works Inc. is your resource of choice for all of your engineering needs. May it be for the design of the simplest gear or the creation of a complex power transmission unit; we offer our expertise for all of your engineering needs. We have the tools and qualifications needed to design “Exact Drop-in units”, that will provide more power in the same environment constraints without modifying actual power transmission environment (overall same size).

Member of the AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association), Sherbrooke Gear Works is always keeping up with the latest technologies as well as the most innovative approaches and methods of calculations. Continuous training, research and development have let us provide our customers with the most practical and cost-efficient designs possible.

Sherbrooke Gear Works’ expertise also lies in the training, technical support and concept validation services we offer. If you require validation services for the improvement of your power transmission units or employee training services, Sherbrooke Gear Works is the company to call.

Our recent purchase or a Hofler gear grinder (40’’ diameter) now gives us the opportunity to offer ground finished gears to a higher AGMA (American Gear Manufacturer Association) finish. The end result of a ground gear gives you quieter operation of your gears, reduces heat transfer between gears and gives you better tooth contact.

Advanced gearbox design Advanced part analysis by computer calculation