Gearboxes are our specialty. Thanks to our years of experience and our active role with the AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association), Sherbrooke Gear Works Inc. can fulfill all of your needs regarding gearboxes. We offer different possibilities: designing, manufacturing and onsite installation are only a few of the many services we provide. Whether you wish to repair an old gearbox, modify existing gearboxes or even design and manufacture a new gearbox, Sherbrooke Gear Works Inc. can provide the expertise you need.

Our services:

  • Design and manufacture of new gearboxes
  • Restoration of old gearboxes
  • Gearbox installation and consulting

Designing new gearboxes

Purchasing a brand new gearbox can be daunting; every detail has to be perfect according to specifications and the end result must fit specific performance criteria. Sherbrooke Gear Works understands the industry’s demands and can easily manufacture custom gearboxes. We can even create an “Exact Drop-in Unit” that will occupy the same space while providing more power. Our team of expert engineers can even execute the full installation and start up of your new gearbox or supervise the installation.

Restoration of old gearboxes

Not only do we design new gearboxes, we also restore and repair old ones. When we repair a gearbox, a complete inspection report is forwarded to you detailing our analysis of the unit’s condition. The following tests are performed;
  • Tooth imprint test (blue)
  • Temperature test
  • Vibration test
  • Backlash test
  • Endplay test
  • Sound emission test
  • In house bench test (free state and under load)

We also supply solutions as well as our recommendations for improvements so you can obtain a high quality, durable and functional gearbox. Once our analysis is completed, our team issues a peer review to ensure your entire satisfaction.


Our team of highly skilled employees reviews, evaluates and prepares recommendations for the applications you possess in your facility. On top of our in house expertise, Sherbrooke Gear Works Inc. offers its on-site evaluation and repair services for your gearboxes. Planned maintenance services and gearbox follow-ups are other services we offer that can extend the life cycle of your gearbox. By getting professionals to maintain your equipment, you can prevent possible failures or deterioration in your gearboxes.

If you require more information about our gearboxes, please contact us today. Click here to request on-site servicing.

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