Recent Projects

Here is a list of our recent projects :
- Design and manufacturing of a 800HP, 890RPM gearbox
- Design and maufacturing of a 3500HP, 900RPM gearbox
- Rebuild of a vertical reducer (Hydra-Pulper)
- Rebuild of 5 gearboxes from different sizes

Here is a contract for 14 gearboxes for the mining industry. These gearboxes are designed, manufactured and assembled here. They are rated for 3500HP, 900RPM motors.

Sprockets completely machined here for high end all terrain vehicules.

Adapter made of aluminium-brass with both internal and external splines.

Here is a sample of some shafts with splines and threads. These shafts are case carburized and ground to very high precision. Everything is done here !

Internal ring gear for epicycloidal gearset (planetatry gear drive)

Gear sections made of plastic

Here is project to redesign an existing unit going from 600 to 800 HP. The customer wanted to keep the same overall dimensions for the reducer, the same shaft center distance and still double the ratio.

Rack gear completely machined and rolled here

We can produce gears and parts in many different quantities. From one part to 10000 parts, we can produce everything to your needs.

Machining of a Ø45'' diameter titanium plate. This included design and usage of special tooling and advanced CNC programming.