Gear Experts

Gear Experts

Sherbrooke GearWorks is your ultimate resource for gears, gearboxes, splines, pulleys, shafts and sprockets. Whether steel, cast iron, plastic, bronze, phenolic fiber or any other material, we can meet your needs.  Whether you need gears in spur or helical (internal or external), herringbone, worm gears, racks or splines, we will be able to manufacture your parts with quality.

Sherbrooke GearWorks can precisely grind the teeth of your gears for maximum accuracy.  Grinding makes it possible to ensure perfect contact between the gear teeth, reducing noise and allowing better power transmission and lower operating temperatures.

Whether you start from prints or drawings, an existing model that you want to reverse engineer or modify, it is easy for our team to meet your request. By analyzing your applications, it is possible to improve existing gears so that they are more robust with longer life expectancy.

With its complete machining and heat treat departments, Sherbrooke GearWorks is your main resource for quick turnaround and high quality under one roof.


Our achievements


Straight tooth spur gear

These gears are used in a particularly demanding application and require an extremely solid core and teeth. The manufacturing process therefore includes cementation before drilling the last holes in order to obtain the exact level of hardness desired by the customer.