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A Day in the Life of our Machinists

August 29nd, 2023

Every work day for Nicolas, Kevin and other machinists at our factory begins at the punch clock, of course, but the rest of the day unfolds differently for each of them. These people may share the same position, but their projects and tasks vary so much from one day to the next that they never get bored!

Read this article to learn more about our machinists’ work according to Kevin and Nicolas.

Two Machinists, Two Realities

Being a machinist means operating a variety of machine tools to manufacture precision instruments and parts for all types of industries. In other words, it’s a highly multifaceted trade—especially in our factory at Sherbrooke GearWorks, which handles over 300 lines of active orders at any given time.

When you walk into the Sherbrooke GearWorks factory, one thing jumps out: not a single person seems to be working on the same type of machine. Nicolas is currently using a vertical lathe to produce a series of six large gears. His role is to prepare the parts through turning and pass them on to the next machinist, who will cut the gear teeth.

As for Kevin, he is working with a CNC turning center to produce smaller parts for drill heads in mining equipment. For the next two days, his job will involve transforming the steel blocks he received for this purpose and finishing the parts with an internal thread.

Every Day is Different

For two machining enthusiasts such as Kevin and Nicolas, machining work at Sherbrooke GearWorks is gratifying because they never work on the same types of parts, and every new project is a surprise!

Even when the unexpected happens, both colleagues are always ready to put the shoulder to the wheel and help the team: “Yesterday, just when I was about to finish my work day, Patrice asked me to produce a small part on a machine. I was glad to take care of it, since I know this helps our company succeed and earns me recognition for my work!” says Nicolas, thrilled. And since it was a hot summer day, everyone was offered frozen treats as refreshments!

Are You Interested in Machining Work?

When you become a machinist, one thing is for sure—you will contribute to a wide range of projects at the same time and get rewarded for your hard work. Anyone who would like to join the Sherbrooke GearWorks team as a machinist is invited to apply to our job postings.

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