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Gear Manufacturing

All kinds of gears!

Sherbrooke GearWorks Inc. is your ultimate resource for gears and gearboxes. Whether you need steel gears, cast-iron gears, plastic gears, aluminum-bronze gears, or parts made from any other material, we have you covered.

Moreover, we have the required expertise and machinery to manufacture gears with spur or helical teeth (internal or external), herringbone gears, worm gears, racks or splines.

Our promise: Surgically precise work

Customer satisfaction is our priority, and this is based on the precision of the parts we produce. With that in mind, we offer to grind the teeth of gears measuring up to 40 inches in diameter. Grinding makes it possible to ensure perfect contact between gear teeth, reducing noise due to transmission and allowing better power transmission as well as lower operating temperatures.

Take advantage of our expertise by using our machining services and welding services! Check out our to learn more about our range of services.


Straight-tooth spur gears for the forestry sector

These gears must be built to withstand the most intensive use conditions. We have fine-tuned our manufacturing process to include cementation before drilling in order to achieve the perfect level of hardness.


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