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Occupational Health and Safety: Our Priority at Sherbrooke GearWorks!

May 3rd, 2023

In September 2021, the National Assembly passed the Act to modernize the occupational health and safety regime to give workers the same voice as employers when it comes to health and safety. We then appointed an internal OH&S committee composed of members who can respond on the ground in the event of a hazardous situation.

In recognition of Health and Safety Week, we are proud to say that both managers and employees work together to prevent occupational injuries here at Sherbrooke GearWorks.

Prevention through education

Despite the soaring number of workplace accidents in Quebec in 2023, Sherbrooke GearWorks recently achieved over 500 days without accidents requiring medical leave. This fills employees’ hearts with pride and determination as they come in to work at Sherbrooke GearWorks every morning.

At Sherbrooke GearWorks, health and safety prevention is done primarily through raising employee awareness. When new employees and students are hired at the factory, we quickly teach them about the company’s golden rules—prioritize health and safety first, followed by the quality and lastly the speed of work.

In fact, Sherbrooke GearWorks president and chief executive officer Jeff Bernier points out, “My goal as an entrepreneur is to grow the company, so if my employees are not there, it won’t happen. When they come to work in the morning, I want them to go home in the evening. If employees get hurt, work fast and produce parts that don’t make the grade, we gain nothing.”

Health and safety is everybody’s responsibility

In the event they notice something unsafe or are missing a piece of equipment, Sherbrooke GearWorks employees know they should feel free to ask their colleagues or reach out to Jeff. When employees remain alert of potential hazards every day and contribute to finding solutions, the entire factory wins.

When the employees of Engrenages Sherbrooke reached 400 days without an accident, they all celebrated together and received a sweater with the effigy of this achievement

Our welder Frédérik is also responsible for ensuring health and safety in the workplace. We actually asked him why he felt compelled to raise awareness about occupational health and safety among his colleagues. “Early in my career, I was more daring and would rush whenever I could. One day, I got injured at work, and it gave me a life lesson,” he shared. Frederik says that ever since that day, he has learned to take the time to properly plan and craft each part designed.

Great accomplishments coming soon

In the following months, Sherbrooke GearWorks employees hope to reach a new record of accident-free days. However, Jeff believes that we need to think beyond the numbers. His recipe for success with occupational health and safety is to educate employees one day at a time.

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