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Our Machinist Work-Study Vocational Diploma Program Proves Successful from Year One!

March 1st, 2023

The current labour shortage is impacting skilled trades across the country more than ever before. In response to this problem, Sherbrooke GearWorks partnered with the work-study vocational diploma program in Machinery offered by Centre de formation professionnelle Expé in January 2022 to encourage people of all ages to go back to school and learn the machinist trade in a factory environment.

The first year of the program has demonstrated that we have a winning formula, both for participants and mentors and for the company!

Learning on the job

The paid work-study program not only enables students to focus entirely on their studies, but also gives them a chance to apply their knowledge while working for a company. In just 15 months, students alternate between sessions in the classroom and the factory to put in practice what they’ve learned with real machines, while benefiting from their mentors’ experience.

Nicolas, a young machinist, can especially relate to these students since he was in their shoes not very long ago. He enjoys his mentorship role, which allows him to share relevant information as well as his insights right from the start of the training. Moreover, he noticed the positive impact of this formula on the students’ progress.

A rewarding experience for all

For Alain, who will soon retire after 30 years of service with Sherbrooke GearWorks, teaching students as part of the program is a way to pass on the torch to the next generation of machinists: “This program enables me to share my knowledge and make sure no one repeats the mistakes I’ve made in the past. I feel I can truly leave with my mind at peace, knowing that the company will not be penalized,” he says.

A student named Adam, who will complete the program in less than two months, was able to benefit from Alain’s valuable advice. The young man knew nothing about machining one year ago, but he now believes he has finally found his path after several years in the classroom: “I began studying at the university, but I didn’t enjoy it. One day, I noticed an advertisement for the program and decided to enroll. I had no idea what the machinist trade was all about, but the moment I put my hands on a machine, I knew it was a right fit for me!”

New cohorts coming soon

Since the experience has proved conclusive for all, Sherbrooke GearWorks already plans to welcome new cohorts in 2023. We invite anyone interested in following this work-study training program to contact us or enroll directly on our website.

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