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Sherbrooke GearWorks Nominated for the 2023 OCTAS Awards!

May 22nd, 2023

Sherbrooke GearWorks is pleased to announce its nomination to the 2023 OCTAS Awards in the “Innovation et rupture” (Disruptive Innovation) category for SMEs and startups. In collaboration with Done Technologies, the company has earned this honour for its recent implementation of the Atlas System, a brand-new advanced planning system for material and human resources.

An optimization tool for improved planning

Over a year has passed since Done Technologies and Sherbrooke GearWorks joined forces to create what is now the Atlas System, a software that uses an advanced method to analyze numerous custom production constraints and prepare an optimized schedule for the company’s entire team and machinery stock.

Taking into account the current backlog and combining it with the human and material resources available around the clock, this tool optimizes production and provides an accurate assessment of delivery dates for ongoing projects. This means the Atlas System not only facilitates time and order management, but also helps effectively plan the arrival of required materials for the job and communicate reliable information to customers and team members.

“We have anywhere from 300 to 400 lines of active orders at all times. Our staff includes approximately 30 machinists who work different shifts, so it can be difficult to correctly prioritize the work assigned to each team member while taking into account all the equipment available. The software allows us to do this and, by the same token, helps us give our clients realistic delivery date estimates based on ongoing and future projects,” says Jeff Bernier, president of the company.

A source of pride for the Sherbrooke company

For a small business such as Sherbrooke GearWorks, this nomination is a source of pride, as it rewards the company’s efforts to upgrade its facilities and be at the forefront of technology in the manufacturing sector. Through this accomplishment, Sherbrooke GearWorks once again shows its eagerness to adopt high-tech solutions for today’s challenges and those ahead.

A few words about the OCTAS Awards

Organized by Réseau Action TI, the OCTAS Awards culminates in a closing ceremony that recognizes and rewards innovative companies who drive technological progress. The 36th edition, which will take place on June 1, 2023 at the Cirque Éloize of Montreal, will welcome over 25 companies who have earned their place at the awards night—including Sherbrooke GearWorks.

To be selected as finalists, companies need to go through a rigorous selection process to assess the project’s potential scope, the impact on its target users, its true benefits, and the magnitude of the accomplishment in relation to the company’s size.

A bright future ahead

Sherbrooke GearWorks has been using the software for a few months and is already reaping the benefits. “With the advent of the Atlas System, our company now has unlimited capacities for growth in the coming years,” says Jeff Bernier. Since the company owns the intellectual property rights, it can tailor the software to its needs and enhance it with industry-specific features.

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